Summer 2015


In the Fall, RUF meets in Heritage Hall, Room


Monday nights, 8:30pm 

Join us we each week as we meet together, sing and listen to a message from the Bible.  This Fall we are looking at Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospel of Mark.  Whatever your religious background, you are welcome, and we hope that you will join this Spring.  If you would like more information on RUF, please contact Adam at adam.venable@ruf.org


Small Groups start this Fall

Contact Adam at adam.venable@ruf.org.

Service Projects

This fall RUF will serve the community together.  Check back for more details.  

RUF is bigger than UAB.  It is a national organization, and you can check out RUF's website at www.ruf.org.  There you can learn more about RUF, and you can take advantage of many of the free resources on the site.