Values and Goals


  • Scripture - RUF operates under the assumption that the whole Bible 1) as originally given is perfect and inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16) and 2) has been kept authentic through time 3) is centered around the salvation in Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Luke 24:27) and 4) that we experience a personal relationship through God speaking to us in the Bible. 

  • Justification - RUF ministry and discipleship is influenced at every point by the Biblical teaching of how sinners are right with God. The doctrine of Justifcation effects every aspect of life (Gal 2:14). In Justification God forgives us of all our sins -past, present, and future- and delcares us to be righteous in his sight only because of Christ's righteousness credited to us (2 Cor 5:21). The apex of Justification is Adoption into God's family and being assured of God's permenant Fatherly affection for sinners in Christ (Gal 4:5).

  • Sanctification - RUF's life together is all about growing into the likeness of our savior Jesus Christ in order to manifest our thankfulnes to God for salvation, to prove our faith to be authentic, and to enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  We are patient with existing sinful habits (1 Peter 4:8) and yet expectant that God will use our frustrating effort to transform us into God's likeness (Romans 6:1-11). Our hope for perfect sanctifcation will be realized when Christ returns to make all things new (Rev 21:1-4).


  • To receive God's grace in Jesus Christ

  • To think Biblically about ourselves and the world

  • To serve one another and outsiders

  • To champion the Gospel in word and deed at UAB and the whole world