Local Churches

There are obvious similarities between RUF and a local church body.  In both, for example, you will find corporate singing and the preaching of the Word.  On the other hand, there are differences between what you will find in RUF and the church.  The church alone can offer baptism and the Lord's Supper, as well as fellowship with people outside of the college demographic.  Your involvement in a campus ministry does not substitute for the church.  In our day and age the church has been de-emphasized (largely due to the individualistic nature of our culture).  But Jesus took the church very seriously -- he said, 'I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not overcome it' (Matthew 16).  Or as one old time theologian said: 'You cannot have God for your Father without having the Church as your mother.'  Or as RUF-types would say -- 'The gospel is the message -- the church is the means for the message being communicated.'  In other words, the church is important.  

If you are not already involved with a local church that preaches the gospel, then let me invite you to visit one of these churches.  While RUF is a PCA ministry and Adam is an ordained PCA minister, it is by no means expected that you be Presbyterian.  Most of our students are not.  We do, however, want to let you know about some local churches which are both very receptive to college students and supportive of RUF at UAB.

Altadena Valley Presbyterian

Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Cross Creek Church

Faith Presbyterian

Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church

Cahaba Park Church

Red Mountain Church 

Third Presbyterian Church

Christ Church 

Cathedral Church of the Advent