What is RUF?

What's in a name?


The word "reformed" simply means that we embrace the basic principles rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation, namely: the supreme authority of Scripture and justification by grace through faith. We continually endeavor to "reform" our hearts and minds in light of God's grace and truth - all of us are still in process!

We aim to be a ministry for all of UAB, not simply for ourselves. Rather than pulling students away from campus, we encourage students to involve themselves in all that campus life has to offer. We seek to train students to engage and serve the university from a distinctly Christian perspective. We also desire to provide an open door for non-Christians interested in exploring Christianity.

It is often said that religion is a private matter. But Christianity is not something that can be lived out alone. Because Christians are united to Christ, they are also united to each other. We are called to live in community. RUF seeks to help students identify and develop their gifts for the benefit of others. By following the example of Christ, we learn to share in one another's joys, sorrows, strengths, and weaknesses.

Reformed University Fellowship ("RUF") is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Although RUF is Presbyterian in affiliation, we welcome students from all walks of life and backgrounds, both the "convinced" and the "unconvinced". RUF exists to reach and equip college students to love and serve Jesus Christ, His Church, and the world. We believe that the gospel speaks to the whole person, and that it can transform any place, bringing the healing and restoration of Christ's Kingdom.

For over 30 years, RUF has been sending ordained ministers to college campuses.  We are a Christian campus ministry providing opportunities to learn what the Bible teaches and put it intopractice in our everyday lives. In RUF, we want to emphasize the importance of both doctrine and life. This means that the gospel must be understood if it’s to be lived, and also lived to be truly understood.

We want RUF to be a place where you can come with your questions, find fellowship with others, and grow in your knowledge of God’s work in Christ and what it means to serve him.